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It’s time to send a strong advocate to Lansing

a concerned citizen who will make a difference

As an oncologist and community volunteer, I see the struggles every day. People who can’t afford healthcare, who are losing their jobs, can’t find housing, living from day to day.

I’m a wife and mother; I’m running because I want future generations to have a good quality of life and a secure future. That’s the American Dream and that’s my vision as well. I’ll break the vicious cycle of high housing costs, too-few winter jobs and unaffordable and unavailable healthcare. The only people who get to tell me what to do are the residents of District 37. I will be your advocate, so tell me your concerns.


  • Born, raised and educated in Michigan: University of Michigan and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Moved to Leelanau County (Northport) permanently in 2016, having bought our house for that purpose in 2007. 
  • Oncology physician.
  • Accomplished, compassionate, innovative, passionate about the area.
  • Active in Leelanau County, with a focus on better health, education, jobs and the environment.
  • Chair of the Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department Board of Health.
  • Vice President of the Northport Public School Board.
  • Serves on the Early Childhood initiative and the multi-county Behavioral Health Initiative. 
  • Volunteered to give COVID vaccines and perform contact tracing.
  • Member of the League of Women Voters and Rotary.
  • Have been on faculty at both University of Maryland and Michigan State University; also worked at the National Cancer Institute developing new therapies and molecular tests for cancer patients.
  • Part of a group working to bring access to mental health care to northern Michigan.
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My to-do list for Lansing:

    • Affordable housing
    • Accessible healthcare
    • Year-round, good-paying jobs
    • Better infrastructure, including transportation and broadband
  • Protecting our environment
  • Business-friendly communities
  • Improved education and job training
Picture of Barb Conley talking with a supporter
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